imagen de hacemos project management

Project Management

Integrated Management of Construction Projects, which reduces investment costs

imagen project management
imagen project management
imagen project management
imagen project management

An integrated management of Project Construction which will reduce investment costs. The following are some of the phases:


A) Viability study
- Investment viability study comparing alternatives


B) Pre project planning:
- Investment planning
- Drawing up initial estimate
- Organising and coordinating all parties
- Documentation
- Monitoring all the different parts of the Administration
- Technical advice to proprietor on project requirements

C) Project Management
- Finding and selecting possible architects
- Coordinating and monitoring of projects
- Project revision
- Checking documentation
- Technical revision of installations
- Measurement revision
- Checking compliance to regulations
- Objective estimate drawn up


D) Pre construction management
- Contracting strategy
- Defining building sites
- Studying offers
- Contracting advice


E) Management during construction
- Planning. Controlling and monitoring work programme
- Controlling work carried out
- Monitoring health and safety procedures and measures
- Analysis, control and managing modifications and contingencies
- Monitoring quality control
- Coordination between contractors and other parties involved
- Controlling and distributing documents
- Managing work meetings
- Organising monitoring of work
- Continual financial control


F) Managing work completion
- Revising work. Controlling disagreements
- Controlling and monitoring final tests and setting up installations
- Coordinating different legal aspects
- Monitoring and compiling final documentation
- Completion and official handing over of work
- Advising, planning and contracting maintenance



Desarrollo Urbano


Medio ambiente




Energía e Indústria

and Industry

Ingeniería Construcción

Engineering Construction