About us

Who are we

AGGER Gestió, S.L., is an enterprise, of a technical nature, created in August 2002. We are a team of professionals (architects, technical architects, engineers etc) with many years of experience in the investment sector, real estate and the building trade, used to working in and developing all the different stages of the management process.


In our projects we focus on the fundamental objectives of the property developers, maximum profitability, while always following the strict rules and regulations concerning sustainability and respect for the environment.


In a global and competitive environment we are involved right from the outset in the construction process, onsite with our services available when and where required.


We have worked mainly in Catalonia and also in the Balearic Islands, and Andorra.


From a relation of mutual trust with our high level of client assistance, we ensure our property developers can minimise costs and investment risks, ensure completion date deadlines are met and above all minimise conflicts.


Our range of services in the construction sector are: private residential works, the hotel sector, office and factory premises and housing development.


In all these areas we not only deal with carrying out new property development but also restoration according to the developers requirements.



The services we can offer are adapted to our clients needs and could be classified in three possible options:


- Project Management
- Construction Management
- Key in hand Management
- Energy Efficiency


These services are applied either individually or simultaneously in different areas or fields of action such as:

Transport, urban development, environment, water, energy and industry, construction engineering, hotels.



Desarrollo Urbano


Medio ambiente




Energía e Indústria

and Industry

Ingeniería Construcción

Engineering Construction