imagen de eficiencia energética

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency - Energy Audit - Gestión Energética - Planificación Energética - Proyectos energéticos y energias renovables - Subvenciones para proyectos energéticos - Llaves en mano

imagen de eficiencia energética
imagen de eficiencia energética
imagen de eficiencia energética
imagen de eficiencia energética
imagen de eficiencia energética
imagen de eficiencia energética
imagen de eficiencia energética
imagen de eficiencia energética

The ability of man to harness alternative sources of energy, throughout history has led to progress by allowing the creation and development of societies for the welfare and comfort as we know them today.


As consumers, we know and understand the intrinsic value of energy and thus acquired habits of sustainable energy consumption, applicable to our daily lives, using renewable environmentally responsible, this is energy efficiency.


AGGER Gestió, market leader, through its services, develop energy efficiency plans in accordance with the Kyoto Protocol and the rules directive 2002/91/EC of the European Parliament and the Council of 16 December 2002 on energy efficiency of buildings.



Energy Audit


The energy audit is to establish a structured plan designed to save energy. Is to gather, analyze, classify, make alternative proposals and make decisions.


We study extensively the degree of energy efficiency in question, depending on the type of construction or installation. Analyzes the elements that consume energy, the heat factor and use patterns.


Are recommended to take appropriate actions depending on the results achieved with the objective of getting the greatest return on consumption, including the optimization of savings, rapid deployment and cost of operation.


An audit promotes the choice to invest in energy saving and efficiency.


Our energy audits will answer your questions: When should I make? What look? How much can I save? What renewable energy and where can I apply?


The energy audit can be performed in:

- Residential or tertiary, public or private
- Lighting
- Industrial
- Stores
- Hotels



Energy Management


Is to monitor and control energy consumption. Is achieved through the on-site analysis by our technical manager called energy optimization with the main parameters of energy consumption.

After the analysis, decisions are made and implemented solutions such as renewable energy as an alternative.



Energy Planning


Consists of preparing a detailed plan, designed as a concise guide, to guide our clients on the way forward to achieve its targets for energy efficiency and savings.

Our expertise in energy planning is developed in both the private and the public sector.



Energy projects
and renewable energy

Once the audit and planning for energy, it is necessary to implement the corrective measures through the implementation of energy projects and the implementation of renewable energy, to achieve greater energy efficiency.


Subsidies for energy projects


Energy efficiency is not a technology economy, what happens is that measures are cost and are amortized in a relatively reasonable time.

To execute these projects AGGER Gestió, provides the mechanisms for finding and managing grants that allow the development of projects from our customers.


Key in hand Management


Execution of key in hand energy savings, covering from the analysis phase, projects, implementation of corrective actions and perfect control of its operation. Include grant management necessary to run the facility.


We introduce and implement energy efficiency in any of the three established management (Project Management, Constructor Management and Key in hand Management) in any area of activities of the construction.



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